Thursday, June 24, 2004

I am a manipulative bitch

The three girls had tea yesterday and oh my, did we bitch. Scheming and planning is what we do best it seems. Me and Sarah seems to be keen on the idea of finding out the truth and we were planning of ways to get the truth out, at all cost. But somehow, Gem was quite reluctant. Till the end, she is still pondering, if we are wrongly accusing Nini and it's None and Sissy who are the ones creating trouble. Somehow I see her logic. So, I guess we're just gonna stay put and keep our ears peeled for more information.

After our drink session at the 'Central Perk' (heh) yesterday, I seriously thought '/omg, wtf are we thinking about? and why the hell I can be so cruel towards her?' Recalling the words that I have said, it seems that she is my enemy and I'm not even giving her a second chance. I do not know how to explain this feeling but somehow I do not feel like I want anything to do with her at the moment. The phone calls that we have were cold. If I were someone else not me, I would have hated me. Is this what the world does to you? (not to blame the world tho..)

Sigh.. on a gayer, uh .. i mean, happier note, am gonna go watch Harry Potter today. Me, Sarah, Gem, Moo and Arihito only. Dun't wonder why Nini's not around. Called her out, she said she dint wanna go.. I was like ok~ fine by me. Am pretty excited actually, cuz I love Harry Potter. (no, I am NOT a fan girl) So let's just hope that the movie is as good as the book. *crosses finger*

Last week Friday, we went to Cyberjaya at night and it was TOTALLY beautiful!!!!! It looks like some fairyland/sci-fi/tropical forest type of place. I didn't know such place actually existed. In Malaysia that is... We got lost but had fun driving round, windows down and all. But it was quite scary in the sense that it was all dark and sometimes without warning, the road is suddenly blocked off because it is after all still under construction. But overall, it's so pretty. The whole road trip thingy was an impromptu thingy, Arihito wanted to go Genting at first but considering the car that we are driving and the time was already 1 am, we opted to go somewhere nearer instead. It was out adventure~ :)

Oh Lunch Time.. Am going off with my colleague for lunch.. write more another day~

***The World is a Vampire***

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