Wednesday, June 30, 2004

What the...

The first bomb has not sinked in yet and another one dropped.. Whoa.. this is like Pearl Harbour or something..

Less than 2 hours ago, my boss told me that I should look for another job. Hah.. how ironic.. I was just contemplating of changing jobs to being a writer. It's like my boss read my blog or something.. Scary.. this ESP sense of mine...

She gave me two months to look for another. Do not see it as her fault cuz I do not know what made her do this to me. From what I see, it is hard for her to say this to me also.. I din't wanna cry in front of her but in the end I did, cuz the tears just rolled out.. Not that I want to but can't squeeze them back. Really do NOT know what I did wrong this time cuz I did everything right and in time. Her reason was that the Client complained about me to her. Which was I find silly. Don't think she would fire me over 2 o 3 copy spelling mistakes. Somehow I feel that the ultimate bitch, the Creative Director, in the office has something to do with this. And my boss too, might not want me to work with her anymore, because she would have stood up for me if she would have wanted to.. I dunno.. Jst feel abit sad about the whole thing. Very disappointed at myself and I really do NOT want my parents to know that I got sacked. (or something.. Sigh, they wunt sack me cuz they would have to pay for me)

What a week I would say... There's just too many things that happened and I don't think I can cope with this anymore. I have done everything that I can.. My boss told me that it was hard for her to tell me this but it's easier to tell me straight.. maybe so.

Thank god for friends... I am so gonna get myself piss drunk tonight.. we are going to Barflam.. Thank God for speed dail number 6. Full support for me all the way. He didn't even ask what I did or anything.. love him to death for it. Told me that he would come back and whack that bitch for me *THANK YOU!!!* and sent me a 'Frame that bitch' card. Ahh... made my day a little better..

***where's my happy ending again?*****

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