Friday, June 04, 2004

On what Friendship means to me...

Friends... Everyone needs one. But how do YOU appreciate your friends?

I guess, this few days had been 'Turbulent Friendship Day'. I feel angry when friends don't appreciate me and thats exactly how I feel at the moment. No.. not that I am angry at ALL my friends but just one or two of them. I hope they know who they are.. Come on.. look at it this way.. If I don't care for them, I wont be angry. (Ladies do you feel me? heheh)

I guess, maybe I should just don't care bout it and say 'Screw it, forget about this friend' But part of me says, 'This person HAD been a good friend of me. I should let this go.' But time and time again, this person had failed me, failed our group... Suddenly I wondered, 'How was he a good friend to me?' Suddenly I don't remember.

Guys would say 'Girls are just too sensitive' Girls would say 'Prolly he/she have other plans, it's not such a big problem anyway' But, if that thing was happening to you, I guess that would change. Guys would say 'Mo Yi Hei' Girls would say 'Are you or are you not my friend. Are other people more important than me? After making plans with me you can just tell me that you cant make it, an hour after the time we were supposed to meet.'

I would like my friends to treat me as how I treat them. Thank god nearly all my friends treats me great, except for one or two. *FYI, I treat all of them great :p* (=_=) but that is enough to make me feel down already.. Maybe I care too much. Maybe I am just too sensitive.. (am I?) Kinda piss me off I see things like this happening to people around me.. What more happening to myself. Gosh.. Someone help me.. Give me a heartless heart. Make me someone who doesn't care about shit..

Friendship.. is something that I value more than money.. what about you?

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