Friday, June 25, 2004

Love vs Lust

Love versus lust.. makes sense? Not really... or love = lust? or oh.. maybe the other way... lust = love. Gah I suck at maths anyway..

Gets one thinking.. when one falls in love, do they also fall in lust? Because I am so in love but I feel no lust for this person and this person that I do not necessary love, I lust after.. So what is this feeling? Is it because the person I lust after is there at the right time and place?

Kinda crazy, this feeling that I have. I am not sure what I should do.. my mind has already made it's decision, but it's my heart. My heart says 'NUuUUuUuUuuUUuUU~' I feel like 'NuUuUuUuU' also...

I am changing my mind a few times an hour. This is so frustrating...


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