Saturday, June 12, 2004

No more karaoke for another few more months for me!!

I am swearing off the mike for a few more months. Had a 5 hour karaoke session yesterday and am now having a trobbing headache with a increasingly sore throat. Was bottoming ups like a fish with the guys from the production house. (showing off actually *trobtrobtrob* will have to remind myself never ever do that again) HmPh~ dun think that a girl can't hold her drinks~ hahah Got the guys piss drunk tho. That was fun!! hHahah..

I am so looking forward for tonight really, firstly, it's Friday and secondly, it's our mamak reunion!! Well, even if I would say sometimes I dun feel like hanging out with Nini, I am still actually, eager to meet up as a group again. Maybe it's just me imagining and maybe even pretending that nothing much had happened between Nini, Sarah, Gem, Moo and me. I just hope that our little tea party will go on without me, Gem or Sarah feeling pissed with her anymore because on my side, it's starting to cool down. And I guess, as long as a stay away enough from her, maybe not STAY AWAY stay away... Just till I am cool off nuff. =_=; UGH

Was at a RO site just now nd sniff***** I really really miss ro ing. I MISS RO ing!!! I MISS MY CHARACTER!! I miss yiHwa T-T And I miss all my cute headgears. Shucks.. I think I'd be getting the monthly access card. Not sure.. but even if I did I might not be able to use the computer to play anywayz.. UGh... *rantrantrant*

Sheesh.. I think I am bitching too much~ I musst.. have... more.. work... to ... do... if... not.. will be ...bitching.. even more......

I am such a bitcher... =_=;

*******Ashita no ima goro ni wa, anata wa doko ni irun daro, dare no omotterun daro..******

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