Saturday, June 05, 2004

Of all weird things

I have a pretty weird life I think.. While all the kids were forced to read, my dad refuses to buy me books. I have to resort to loaning, begging, stealing (ok, maybe not that) books to feed my reading obsession. Damn... That is so weird.. Maybe it was a reverse psychology thingy.. Hmm..

Even now, I have weird friends.. One who is a 'Ma-mi', a bad girl who turned KindyGarten Teacher (GASP~), a girl that looks pretty 'man', a guy who is pretty confused whether he is a guy o girl ('Not to sound gay..') haha

Now at this very moment, I have a weird colleague, who 'hMPhS & hhhhMmMMs' in the weirdest way. It's like he's having sex o something. T-T gosh and I am sitting right beside him somemore.. separated by a cubicle. -_-; not that I dont like him.. he's a nice guy.. It's just that.... WEIRDNESS~

AHH! It's Friday~ God bless Fridays.. :p This weekend, we are going to CYCLE~ in Bukit Celaka.. I mean.. Bukit Cahaya o something.. at last~ Yay!

Friday Friday Fryday~ Woot~

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