Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Chasing a Dream

It's Tuesday and it's 1st of June.. How time flies... -_-; another year older but non wiser (unfortunately) Still the same old me who loves to read manga and watch anime. I guess nothing wrong with that (I guess...=_=)

Finished watching Shaman King yesterday!! SUGOI... I love that show!! After that.. watched this anime called 'Millenium Actress' It's a love story, with a twist.. A show for those die hard romantics :)

It's about this actress, who bumped into an artist who was running away from the police when she was about 15-16. This was during the war period in Japan. She hid this man in her family store and because he was injured, took care of him for a few days. During that time, he told her about his wish to finish the drawing that he was holding on to in his hometown Hokkaido, under the stars and in the middle of a snowfield. This girl, Chiyoko, was entranced and the man promised her that he will bring her there when the war is over. At that time, Chiyoko saw a key that the man had around his neck and asked him what it was and he replied that the key opens to something of great importance. Chiyoko made him promise to tell her tomorrow. But when tomorrow came, she saw the key on the ground as she was walking back from school and she ran home. Seems like someone snitched on her telling the police that the fugitive was hiding in the store.

Turned out that the man has escaped to Man Chou (Think it's in China or something). She is very determined to look for him. She then vowed to look for him, to return the key. (aikz... liar!! wanna see him again only I think :p) As luck has it, she was requested by a director who wanted to shoot a movie in Man Chou.. She took the chance and took the part, so that she can go to Man Chau to look for him (and also hope that the artist recognise her in the movies she's in and look for her again.). It then chronicles the hardship she has to go tru to find the man (she does not even know his name and at one point, does not even remember how he looked like)

Until the end, she did not even get to find the man. She died in the end anyway.. of old age. T-T SOOOOO SAD~ In the ending, a fan told her that this man had actually died 30 years ago, after being tortured by the army during the war, and that she can now meet him in heaven. With her dying breathe, she confessed that it doesn't matter if she meets him or not, because 'Maybe I'm more interested in just chasing the dream, rather than seeing him'

That was a twist.. All the while, I thought that she wants to see him and had waited for him for more than 60 years. (woo Nic, what's 6 years compared to 60?) In the end, she's just more interested in the idea of this unrequited love.. =_= is this what they call 'Lo Li Chin'? hmmm....

I guess, maybe....

Guess I am more interested in Chasing the Dream too... rather than really loving that someone. Guess it's time to move on...

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