Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Spirits broken and being in doubt with myself.

Hate this feeling because when I feel this way, I do not feel like I want to work anymore. Had a talk with Mich and she was kinda saying that it was right for Hitler to act that way because he IS the boss. Don’t feel like talking to her after that because of the clash of thoughts and perspective. All I wanted her to understand is that, doesn’t matter if he’s the boss or not he should still have that responsibility of sharing his thoughts and actions with us. If not, how would he expect us to understand the things that he has to go through? All I see is hypocrisy and from what I see all he wants is power.

All I wanted was feedback and respect. He told her that I walked away, that is why he screamed at me. But what he had also forget to mention is that he started screaming at me before I walked away. That was so unfair. As usual, she sided him. Not that I want her side, but at least understand….

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Anonymous said...

We all have 'Hitlers' in our work environment. I feel your pain.