Thursday, June 23, 2005


Listening to: Peter Pan - Mungkin Nanti
Feeling: Super Annoyed and feeling the approach of the crimson wave

Oh man.. I am feeling annoyed with everything today. Started off promising enough, with mum cooking her famous 'meehoon with sauce' and a pretty smooth drive to the Crowne Plaza Mutiara. Got there half an hour late for the SleemX *tho it is no biggie cause media events usually start half an hour to an hour late* but as I approached the parking entrance, found out that the bloody parking's full. Went up to the main lobby and realized that the only way I can park my car is to valet. And fucking valet costs RM18. Saddest thing is that when they parked the car for is that my dirty little Kelisa (baby) beside shiny, new and expensive Merc, BMs and Jaguars... I felt like, 'CRAP! I've just degraded my baby!!! T.T' Oh well, no time to lament, got to run to the god forsaken launch and when I reached the venue, it has just started and thank god it was dark because I was just zoning out. Wow.. what a great way to waste a Thursday morning..

Problem is, I felt like I had just wasted 2 hours of my life for something that was totally not relevant to me nor my magazine. I wonder why I get the crappy launches. Over and out..

Tidal crimson waves approaching!

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