Sunday, June 19, 2005

What's this feeling?

Listening to: Fish Leong - Fly Away
Feeling: Warm and sticky, fuzzy in the stomach

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Having a fuzzy feeling in my stomach could only mean one thing, LOVE. Yes... L-O-V-E. A beautiful word to some, but for me now, it is nasty.. Very nasty.

Venue: Central Perk
Attendance : Nini and Sarah N

Yes, I know I had been subconsciously talking about Jay again.. Doesn't help that Sarah N and Nini had been telling me how me and him had 'Foo chai seong' (or, that I look like him... something like that.. somehow, that we look good together)

Nini: *giggles* I think he looks good standing beside you

Me: *frowns* What you mean our size?

Nini: Nonono!! The height, look, the feel..

Me: (*thinks* What? Everything that cannot be explain in words is substituted with 'feel'?) Butbutbut... Not really.. I think he looks like my brother!

Nini: *giggles* Really, I do think that you guys... like that day when I saw you in xxxxxxx and he was standing beside you.. I thought to myself.. that you guys look perfect together... Right Sarah N? I think your wedding pictures would look good.*turns to a silent Sarah for support*

Me: *sweatdrops*

Sarah N: Well, I do think you have the 'foo chai seong'.

Me: What about SD6?

Nini: I wouldn't say that he has that with you.. you guys look normal.

Sarah N: *agrees*

Me: *turns flustered and sputters* Ergh... NooOoOOo *feels butterflies* OHNO.. not this feeling!!! *falls into an endless pit and dies* OMFG, you guys win... *cries* T-T

**the end, but not of the conversation**

Hmmm.. honestly, if you ask me.. yes, I do feel butterflies when I see him but, it's because he gives me this feeling.. that I knew him from before. I feel like he is the elder brother that I never had. Honestly, I feel safe with him. As though I can count on him to look out for me, which he does occasionally. And doesn't help that he is nice to me, *pause* well, afterthought... nicer than how he would treat alot more other people... *rolls around in grave*

Shit.. yes, this could only be explained in these words, SHIT. Very deep shit. I am wallowing in shit. Yay.. oh my god..

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