Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Moving Day Chaos

Listening to Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels like home
Feeling: Itchy from mozzie bites

The day of the big Bluinc move looms closer and everyone is going bonkers trying to cope with the crazy deadlines and movers going round clearing stuff and hauling boxes. Boxes and paper everywhere, dust and BO (from the movers) mingled with the smell of my cKone perfume.

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Take this amount of trash and multiply it with a thousand, you'll get the accumalated trash of Bluinc
My temper ran thin with a few colleagues started having their crazy fits. Some went round screaming names in an extra shrill voice, just for the heck of it and combined with the fact that it is my bloaty season.. I was about to scream myself too.

In short... it was like Armageddon, and I can envision myself in a desolated and flattened down city with lots of smoke coming out from the rubble. Hahah.. Hitler told me that I spaced out. I did.. Jay was on the verge of killing people. The movers are here again today. Just hope that it wouldn't be as crazy as yesterday!
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"Everyone, look I've found a dead rat in my drawers"

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"OMG, tht's last season's Prada. OMG, send it to the bin!"

Just wanna get settled down into our new office because the whole move is getting to me.

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