Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ice Creams!!!!!

Listening to: Utada Hikaru - Devil Inside
Feeling: Oh so Shiawase!! =^-^=

Well... It's now my habit to check the Friendster forecast whenever I can everyday, I am an obsessive bitch. Here's mine today: -

One minute you're partners, working away together; then suddenly they've adopted a different role. If you're uncomfortable with it, say so. You won't get to the bottom of this by pretending it's not happening.

Freaky.. Thinks that it is about my boss. First he is a friend, then he became a boss, now he is a dictator. =_=; Can't do much. Just finish my work, finish and leave. The same for the next day. That's Life. With a capital L. Oh well..

The oh-so-shiawase-ness is because that Kay is coming back tomorrow! *hurray!* At last, I can eat ice-creams!!! Jamoca Almond FuDGE! Heaven! He owes me at least 20? Or more.. can't remember~ Nothing much happened today except for minor annoyance. For now... BUT, nothing can ruin my day!


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