Friday, June 17, 2005

Settling Down

Listening to: Kylie Minogue - I believe in you
Feeling: Sleepy

Yawn.. The chaotic mess is finally over. Everyone had more or less packed and unpacked things that are nessacery for the new office. Heck, some even nicely decorated their walls. Feels more like office now. I've got a spiffy new cubicle that is like a ship compared to my paltry space back in the old office. Nicely arranged all my Pichus and my pink nodding thing that Arihito had gave me for my birthday. *he's such a sweetie*

Feeling extremely bored because for some unknown reason, my row of cubicle's net is down and everyone elses is up. Weird. Am typing this in notepad, feeling supremely sleeping and hungry at the same time. Ohman.. hurry up!

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