Monday, June 06, 2005

Million Hair

This is me ... then

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Image hosted by

This is me ... now

Listening to: So in Love - De Lovely Soundtrack

Yeap, I did it. I got my hair cut. Pleased as punch because I thought it looks darn good. Well, maybe not in that picture. But, really, I like the whole short and sweet look. Everyone was shocked and thought that I went through some traumatic experience and that the only sane thing to do after that is to cut my lovely hair off. Weird. A sample for your enjoyment

Gem: I can't stop staring at your hair. I need to get used to it...

After a few mins of driving

Me: Why are you staring at me? O.o;

Gem: I can't stop staring at your hair.


Sarah N: *gapes from afar* omg... I thought you were a guy from far...


Nie: *points and gapes* Ohno, what happened? Who broke your heart? *blahblahblah*


Ndrew: *points and gapes* Ohno, what happened? Who broke your heart? *in unison with Nie*


Jay: *concentrates on stirring coffee*

Me: Why are you so engrossed in your coffee?

Jay: What you want me to say?

Me: Nothing

Jay: *no comments*


G: *mouth wide open, while opening the gate. Gets into car, mouth still wide open*

Me: So what do you think?

G: *mouth wide open* OMG, you look... more mature. *hastily added* but look nice!!! (an amazing feat, mouth agape and talking the same time)


Sarah S: *holding cig packs in one hand, mouth opened so big that the cig box could actually sit there comfily* OMFG, it's so ... short. But you look nice.

Me: Smoke?


Short bites:

Colleague 1: HEY, YOU CUT YOUR HAIR! *from the opposite side of the room*

Me: *smiles* Yeah I did! *thinks 'NO, actually all I did was hacked off my hair, see the difference?*

Colleague 2: OMG, what happened? Are you ok? Did anything happen? Is it the stress? *goes on for the longest time. No space to write them all down*

Colleaguer 3: *from 500 metres away near the restaurant we always have lunch in* YOUR HAIR!!!!!

Me: Has ran off....

Hmm... loads more comments along the line as such.. Wish I had more time to write them all down. It's hilarious. Till then... Oh well..

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