Friday, June 03, 2005

On Me Being Fat - Part 2

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So after much (actually two :) but really.. much appreaciated!!) support from Anonymous No1 and not so Anonymous Gigi, I feel great because then, I know that there is salvation for fat people.

But having said that, me and a few colleagues, Seema, Sarah and Jay decided that we should go on a health spree. Come Monday, we will be eating less and will be trying to do some sort of an exercise (ohman.. I am so not gonna do it =_=;). Simply because there are people who are doing this with me, I feel much more motivated to do it. It is really really hard to lose weight (that's news to those thin people reading this :p)

So guess this will also be my diet journal. What I ate, what I did everything will be recorded here. Just hope that the temptation to go bulimic won't hit me again. Cause it seemed more easy to do so. Instead of abstaining from your favorite roti, just eat it and throw up. Oh man... Those were the days..

I can't believe that I could talk about this as though I had flu and OD-ed on flu med. People out there, bulimia is bad. That's why I stopped. Try doing a search on Bulimia and its effects and you will see scary things like hair loss, teeth rotting, not being able to have babies, these things gave me the creeps. Thank goodness for the report I had to do for our college assignment.

So let's just hope this determination continues. I want to show the world I can really do it. And to those idiots who laughed at me before, eat your heart out! :p

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