Sunday, June 12, 2005

Of teacups and a queasy stomach in the 17 Summer Splash

Listening to: Utada Hikaru - Deep River

*With one eye closed from the fatigue from the whole day of doing nothing :p*

Feeling: Queasy from the horrible, horrible teacup ride. *damn teacups*

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It was a splashing good time in Sunway Lagoon today. Me and Sarah N helped out the 17 team doing registrations, so it was 'Let me see your SMS, ok please delete it. Here's your tickets and 2 goodie bags for you, have a great time' for like a hundred thousand time. But, the pain was short. We ran out of goodie bags after an hour and a half. Cleared up and left for the wave pool. Nie, Ndrew, Kst and Arihito was there to support their dear friends too.. *I suspect the lure of nubile young bodies in bikinis did the trick*

Went around the wave pool after finishing registration and took some pictures *above* and then after 20 minutes or so of white, flabby and hairy looking men, we decided to head for the rides.

First Stop
The Galleon. What the... this is like a bloody swing if you ask me, but Kst was chickening out.. NoOoO he says but in the end decided to join us just in case we will laugh at him later on in life. Came out with ants crawling inside tummy. Nie and Ndrew held on to each other, Sarah N grasped at her skirt because she was afraid that it would fly. Kst came out safely, with a right side migraine.

Next Stop *Shakes fist at teacups*
The Apache Pots. Damn teacups. Hated this ride ever since I was a kid, but since I didn't want to be a wet blanket, I gamely soldiered on. With disasterous side effects. noOoOo.. I screamed throughout the ride. I want my mummy .... came soon after. The next pot was trying to outdo themselves. Nie, Ndrew, Kst and Arihito was trying to spin the damn thing off its bearing. I got a headache thinking of how fast it flew. Came out wanting to puke on the floor. The rest just tumbled about. *was it just because of my churning stomach and headache?*

Next Next Stop *turns around to shake fist at teacups, damn teacups*
The Tomohawk. I think this is like everyone's 'I will show you I can do it' nightmare ride. Saying so because everyone will take a ride, but not because they want to do it but maybe because they wanna show off that they have the balls to do it. Kst, Sarah N and her siblings declined the ride, stating that they are more comfy on ground instead of hanging upside down and then come crashing down to earth.
I can't decline this ride of course. Getting on this is like a mission everytime I get back to Sunway Lagoon. Nie and Tomohawk virgin Ndrew went into the first car, me and Arihito went into the next. (yes, queasy stomach and all) The seats stinks. eww... It smelled of wet swimsuits and sweat. Yucks. At that point, I wanted to throw up. beee.. The siren sounded and off we went. Ndrew was screaming, Nie was giggling. Arihito... was making weird comments about how many coins he can hear dropping. I was just thinking about how much I want to get home, shower and maybe throw up.

Got off the rides in one piece and I think that would be the last time I return to Sunway Lagoon. (even if I do, the teacups can go to hell) All in all, a good day. Too bad Gigi and Do had to go home early. Oh well.. if not for the teacups... damn teacups.. uwek.. can't think of teacups..

*Shakes fist at the teacups, damn you to hell........*

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The goodie bags that were coveted by all 17 readers

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