Friday, June 17, 2005

Rest in Peace, Tama-chan

Feeling - Sadness

Tama-chan scampered into our lives a few weeks ago when my brother proudly pulled a small fish tank out of a battered paper bag, declaring that he brought home a mouse. 'It is a cow mouse', he says and continued to enlighten us, saying that it is actually snake feed. While Tama-chan was bred to be snake snack, my brother kinda rescued it and we thought we had prolonged his life.. somewhat..

Me and sis was delighted and named it Tama-chan. My brother named him/her Yue Fa, some character from some chinese movie. Tama became our pet and it was a long time since we had a pet. Mum was appalled because it is a mouse.. Gem, Sarah N, Nini and Gigi doted over it when they came over.

But as of yesterday, Tama-Chan had joined the great cheese heaven in the sky. I told sis that it was her doing because she didn't want to clean out her cage.

Sis: Sob.. Tama chan is dead.. sob

Me: Bloody. It's because you always never take care.. How? Bury it nice nice.

Sis: Omg... it's not my fault.. throw already

Me: *thinks.. OMG... flushed down the loo? and forgets to reply sis*

Sis: *at the most ungodly time* Put your hands together now and say, 'Rest in Peace'.. Tama.. sob

While I have loved Tama-chan alot, I didn't know that it had such a big impact on my sister.. I did feel sad when I was told about it, maybe that is why I don't like having pets. I hate the feeling of someone leaving me. Just being selfish..

Tama-chan.. rest in peace and may your whiskers always be long and white..

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