Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Conversational Piece

Listening to: Jacky Cheung - Live Concert 2004 medley
Feeling: Mushy~

'Do you know what the Stockholm Syndrome is?' he asked

'Nope' I answered

'It's when the hostages developes feelings for their captors. Small acts of kindness are magnified because in their desperate situation, they feel dependent on their captors. They usually resist rescue because they feel treatened, they might be hurt too. Some of them actually defends their captors.' he patiently explained

'Why is it called Stockholm Syndrome?' me asked again

'Because it started in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973' the all knowing sage said

'Is that why some rape victims marries the rapist?' wide-eyed wondered me asked

'That's a different matter all together, that is all about choice' he retorts

These are bits of the interesting conversation a stick of cigarettes could invoke. That is why I need a guy who is intellectual, smart and funny. Sigh... I won't mind him.. :p

For more information on the Stockholm Syndrome, do visit What the hell is Stockholm Syndrome?

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