Monday, August 08, 2005

Have some canned koala?

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Feeling: Like going home

One of the editors just got back from Australia and got us gifts. I am contented with my shooter glass pasted all over with koalas and a keychain with a patch of koala/kangaroo fur (who knows?) but, lo-behold... Canned Koalas!!

It really is quite salah to have something like that.. Imagine.. Have some Koalas anyone?

Image hosted by
Export Quality Canned Koala

Image hosted by
Contents: One Fuzzy Koala

"After opening, keep contents in reach of children"

Image hosted by

Caution: May cause indigestion? Ekk!!!

It is really quite cute. I can't resist posting this up before going home. Hehe :p


* Dream Weaver * said...

Wanna trade?
I have an echidna, a wombat, two kangaroos and two rather sick looking koalas...
~ That makes up my Aussie animal family... hohoho...

*excuse me its like 4.48am

Pinkity said...

Sniff* The canned koala aint mine. Even if it is, I wanna keep it canned. Yumz~