Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday evening. Too lazy to do anything else

Listening to: Simple Plan - Untitled
Feeling: Queasy with too much sleep

Another Sunday. Very uneventful after a pretty darn good Saturday. Had been such a long time since I had updated my blog. Was suddenly caught up in a barrage of work that I have to rush in before the end of next week. So, after that, I am free to do whatever I want.

I went online today to see about 8 comments by this anonymous guy (I think) saying basically the same thing but I am guessing it is spamming. Ek... How can I stop it?

Had an uneventful Saturday afternoon. Stayed in the office till 9.30pm and then went off for dinner with Arihito-sama, Sarah N and Kst at Kim Gary The Curve. And for those who had been there before, you should know that Red Box (it is a karaoke joint) is next to it. So.. the rest is history. With me and Arihito there... there is always karaoke. What torture I mean, JOY!! yes Joy!!!

Called Gigi because we knew she loveeeeess to sing... (Now that's torture) *heheh*

So we were singing there will 4am. Kst was doing Frank Sinatra, Gigi whatever that required her to reach really high notes, Arihito; all oldies and Sarah N; her mandarin songs. I was singing everything out of tune. Doesn't really matter I guess. *hehe*

Went for an after karaoke drink and got home at about 6am. Slept till 3pm today. Yawn.. Feel like singing yet again despite sore throat. More to update when I reach the office because most of my pictures are stored in my office computer.

Next Update: About a snake, a 2 hour jam in KL, a BBQ in a god forsaken place and shopping in KLCC...

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