Monday, August 08, 2005

Hai Lo Cafe on a Thursday night

Listening to: Sarah McLachlan - Perfect Girl
Feeling: Still Haze-d out

I think the haze is affecting my brains. I totally forgot about Thursday. On Thursday, we were at Hai Lo Cafe in The Curve. This this cute little cafe which features local talents, singing live. It is fun, but paying the charges to listen to them sing is a bitch. Can you imagine, a cup of blended fruit drink would cost RM11.90 but only RM6.90 (or something) during happy hours which I assume has no entertainment

Judging from the crowd, Hai Lo Cafe caters to mostly Chinese patrons. The songs they sing are also in mandarin, and one or two cantonese numbers. You can even do dedications. The singers are pretty good. We were taking hell load of pictures because we can't really talk/chat because of the loud music and it seems to be rude if we were to scream talk really loudly.

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We were here!!

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Interesting stage. The singers were pretty good, I think Gigi's in love with one of them.. hahah

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Cute deco

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Pinky in the sky

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Nini, Sissy and Me

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Me being mean to Sissy

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Chinky Eyes Looking at Sissy's alter ego

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Sarah N and Nini gets a case of camera ho-ism


Gigi, Nini, Sissy, Sarah N and Me


Marina said...

Sarah McLachlan - Perfect Girl. Good song. ;)

Pinkity said...

Rina!!! I am still waiting for your email. Was it because I took such a long time to reply your email?