Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekend Blaze

Listening to: Marion Raven - Get me out of here
Feeling: Chipper!!!
Reading: The Bonesetter's Daughter - Amy Tan

Had a super-duper weekend of reading, lazing and movie watching. Weekend started on Friday, went to Decanter Too. Wonderful place with beer for RM25 per jug. Not a big fan of beer but who can resist cheap alcohol? Sheesh.. Starting to sound like a bloody alcoholic. Me, Gigi, Sarah N, Nini and Ndrew were there, shouting out 'Cheers to our beauty' everytime we take a swig. (OK, maybe alternated with shouts of 'Cheers to the gorgeous people')

Had massive fun. Met Jay there. OK fine, we knew he was there but I wanted to go anyway. It was either there or Barcode, where they have free flow of wine for ladies throughout the night. Barcode spins R&B on Fridays. *mental note*

Went for dinner before that in this cozy japanese restaurant all the way in Subang Saujana (where ever that is) with Kay, Lan, Moo&girlfriend, Arihito and Kst. Made them wait for about an hour because I was caught in a bloody jam that took 45 mins at least for a road that I usually take 3 minutes to pass.

Left Decanter at about 2.30am. Slept and woke up on Saturday at about 12.30. Read abit and remembered that I was supposed to watch 'Seven Swords' at 6.40 at GSC. Got dressed and left home at about 3 with my book in hand. Made a dash for Starbucks chanting 'Venti Latte, Venti Latte, Venti Latte' the moment I got there. Got to do a little bit of reading before meeting up with Gigi and Gem. 'Seven Swords' was pretty good no matter what the rest says. *bleh* Had dinner with the gang (plus Sissy and Gem's and we moved on to Central Perk but Nini called to tell us that she discovered a new place in Damansara Perdana called 'Friendster'. No shit. The signage/logo is a ripoff Starbucks, the logo a copy of Friendster. I was amused, but loved the place nevertheless. It is super comfy and there is an AIR-CONDITIONED SMOKING AREA!!!! It is like a smoker's heaven. They provided cards so we decided to play *'Murderer', one of those games from childhood. Had loads of fun until we had to go at about 2am. Got home about 3-ish and slept till 1 something. Read and sleep, sleep and read. Managed to finish my Joy Luck Club and Sky Burial (by Xinran).

By 8, I finally got my butt out of the house to bring my baby for his much needed bath. Well, I think it was 8bucks well spent for the amount of muck stuck on it. Sniff.... I have to take better care of my baby. Got Gem for pasar malam and went on a eating rampage, bought pirated CDs and the usual. Em Jeh and Gigi joined us for a while after that. And that was that. Another weekend gone in a bang. In a lovely bang though. Many more to come.... But for now, back to work~

*Murderer - To play 'Murderer', you'll need at least 10 person to make this game fun. Select 7 Jack, Queen or Ace cards. Insert 2 Joker cards and one King card. The Jokers are murderers. The King is the Police and the rest of the cards are civilians. Each player gets a faced-down card. The objective of the game is for the police to arrest the murderer. The murderer is supposed to 'kill' civilians off by winking at them. Once the murderer kills off a civilian, the civilian has to say 'I am dead'. The police has to 'catch' the both murderer, but if the police misses the target the game is over and the police loses. If he is right, the game ends and the police wins. Fun stuff, this is!! :)

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