Friday, July 29, 2005


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This word was first coined by one of the chicks in 'Sex and the City', read that somewhere. What is a "Frienemy"? In the article, they explained that a frienemy is a friend that you love to hate, hate to love. Huh? Yeah, in short, a contradiction. You love them, but you love to bitch about them even more. They went on by saying that everyone has at least 1 frienemy.

An example of a frienemy is when A tells me that she had bought this fabulous new Coach handbag that set her back about 5k. She goes on and on. I listen and thought to myself 'Oh man, what a waste of money for that small little tote. Cannot stand this A la.. Just because she got abit money, she have to show it off." We say bye and the moment I put down the phone, I call B, who is also a mutual good friend and start telling her about the bag. I then conclude with my thoughts and how I think A is being a showoff. B agrees and we talk about other things. We put down the phone and the next day, A brings her new bag for dinner with the rest. Everyone fawns over it, including B. What ever I had said yesterday was forgotten as we sip our cosmos.

It is, yes, hypocrisy and I'll have to admit I had done it before.

I have friends who I really love. I hold them dear to heart. But I realize that the closer to heart I put them, the more i expect of them and the easier I get annoyed at them. Is that also a frienemy? Should I then distance myself from these people? Or should I keep my opinions to myself to save from being in confrontations?


ThrO192 said...

Holy crap! Is everyone in Malaysia as hot as you? I should move there. Or at least vacation.

Pinkity said...

Erk! Dunt be fooled by my headshot. I am fat T.T I mean, really fat. Not skinny fat. Heheh... But, there are many hot girls in M'sia!! Do come down for a holiday~ :)