Wednesday, July 27, 2005

'I wanna be...'

Listening to: Chattering of my colleagues
Feeling: OK

I remember those days when I was younger, in primary school to be exact, and my class teacher asked me,

Teach - So, what would you want to do when you grow up?

Me - I wanna be an astronaut

Teach - Second choice? *jotting down notes in that blue card that she holds*

Me - Ballerina?

Teach - *looks at me disapprovingly* Sure ah? *glances at my frame* You can ah?

Me - Teacher, I've been dancing since I was 5

Teach - *mumbles something about being a hippo in Disney's Fantasia* Hmmm *jots down into blue card*

Me - *still convinced that if I can't get to be an astronaut, I would definately get a role in 'Swan Lake' or 'The Nutcracker' as the Sugar Plum Fairy, no less*

Teach - *looks at card* Third choice? *looks at me*

Me - Policewomen! *with no hesitation*

Teach - *rolls eyes and jots down* OK done, NEXT!!! *feels relieve now that the nutter is done*

Well, as we all know, I am no astronaut, no ballerina nor a policewoman. Glasses ruined my chances of being the first Malaysian woman to be an astronaut, being oversized robbed me the chance of sasheing on pointe gracefully on the stage and reality stopped me from ever wanting to be any part of the government body.

I am now a writer. And if that teacher would come over with a blue card today and ask me those immortal questions again, I would have much more hesitation to answer her than I would have a 15 years ago. Maybe the cynical world have killed off my childish perception that at the age of eight, you can own the world once you turn 18. Hmph.. Astronaut? Who am I kidding? Of course the interest for astrology is still within me. Dancing has always been my passion. I had promised myself that once I reduce my weight to a certain extent, I would definately join adult ballet classes. Hmm... The police part... I will not say anything.

If I could choose what would I be? I would be, I would be, I would LOVE to be a....

*~+ ~*BLOG STAR*~+ ~*

With the likes of Tucker Max, XiaXue and The Waiter, I want to raise to the heights of being read by millions of unknown people. I want to be so popular people will die if I don't post for a day. I want to secure a deal to write about my life, doesn't matter if it's not true. I want to be on TV. I want to be interviewed by journalists, who are fascinated at my dramatical life. I want to be paid to blog!

Can? Can? Can?


Hmm... Guess I will just file 'Blog Star' along with 'Astronaut', 'Ballerina' and 'Policewoman'

Sigh.. Whoever who said 'Dreams DO come true' should be shot in the ass!


ThrO192 said...

I checked out their sites since you had links but I like yous better honestly. Theirs is too corporate. Though I suppose I would sell out and get a little corpaorate if I could get paid to do this. That is a good idea . . .hmm . .

Pinkity said...

*blushes* OMFG, thanks.. ^-^ But being corporate is boring. It is an honour to have people like you guys reading what I have to rant about. It is very flattering. Really. Thanks for reading!!! :)