Thursday, July 21, 2005


It was just another boring ride home and I was driving past the Taman Bahagia station after dropping Jay off. Was stationary in front of the traffic light that takes at least a month to turn green and was spacing off as usual while waiting. (this happens alot)

Was about to launch off to the moon when a sudden gesture caught my eye and I turned my head over to my left and saw a cab driver, a Tuk Haji kind of guy who gestured to me to cover up my arms. I was wearing a sleeveless top. Fine, I've got to admit that I have big arms but where the hell is freedom in dressing? Sniff~ I feel like crap, but I would still be wearing my sleeveless tees. Cabbies like that can go bite their steering wheels.


kinkybluefairy said...

hahaha... you're pretty entertaining just because you write honestly. keep it up leh..

Pinkity said...

Thanks :) *blushes* I shall try my very best!!!!!

ThrO192 said...

Not sure I understand the significance of him telling you that. Is it a cultural thing in Malaysia? Are women supposed to stay covered? I'm not trying to make a joke and I don't mean to offend you. I'm just asking.

Pinkity said...

No worries, I usually don't take offense in things like that. Well, about the covering arms thing, you should know that in Malaysia there are three main races. There are the Malays (Muslims), the Chinese and the Indians.
The Muslims have this thing called the 'tutup aurat' which basically require you to cover your modesty. Most Muslim women who observes the 'tutup aurat' wears the 'baju kurung'. The 'baju kurung'is a long sleeved top and a long skirt that covers most part of the body. In Kuala Lumpur, most Muslim women are pretty much modern, preferring our normal day to day jeans or skirts rather than the 'baju kurung'.
But for the Chinese we are usually very much open with whatever we wear. I am guessing that this guy who had gestured me to cover up is an old guy who holds very much to his faith and likes to impose it upon others too?