Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sick Humour

Listening to: Avril Lavigne - He wasn't
Feeling: Sleepy
Reading: The Joy Luck Club

OK guys, first of all I have share this fabulously entertaining website: -

Yeap, kill that bloody frog. I mean, the first time I saw it, it was cool but with the whole song and *who knows* endorsement deals, it is starting to get on my nerves. No offence guys who animated this thing, I am sure your intentions were good but UGH.. WHY.. WHY the bloody song? Shit, it's stuck in my head *dingdingding dum, dum dingdingding dum* WTF is that? NoOOOooO.. *opens extra browser to kill the bloody frog again*

*wipes sweat* Fuh.. That is much better...

The next link is something which I had found in I like it cause it is damn morbid!! Check it out...


LadyGem said...

BeautyTipsForLittleGirls have porn sites/half naked girls on the webpage. Scary.... Got a fright when I opened it (in the office). Luckily there was no one around or I'd be accused of surfing porn and got all my internet access taken away from me *sniffs* You should post an 18SX thing or something on it next time, just for warning to innocent people like me *grins*

Pinkity said...

*sweatdrops* my bad. I kinda forgot tht is half a porn site. Hahah.. My bad my bad.. I will remember to put up a warning then next time.. :p