Monday, July 11, 2005

The Princess Weekend and a splitting headache

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Feeling: Sleepy, Caffeine and Nicotine deprived, with a side order of a splitting headache

Just another Monday after an eventful weekend. Sarah N and me went to Port Dickson for the Mercedes Benz A-Class event. We were placed in the Avillion. God knew where that place was, but a colleague told us that it is a very beautiful place. Water chalets come complete with a 4 poster bed, an open bathing area with a long bath where you can actually look out to the sea. Oh, did I mention that there was also a queen sized day bed with a window that overlooks the sea. A beautiful patio, with two deck chairs. Shit, I miss that place. I felt like a princess there. Especially the shower. It was raining that night, so while I was taking a shower, I felt the rain. So pretty. God damnit.. if I would ever be rich, I would build a bathroom like that.

Forgot to bring the cable for my camera, dying to load the pictures up to show Nini and friends the beauty of that place.

Drove the A-class in turns, me and Sarah N. Had so much fun, we decided to drive it two days in a row. On the second day, we actually got stopped by the cops. Here's the exciting twist, Sarah N didn't bring her license. She was driving, meanwhile, my license expired a month ago. Freaked out abit, managed to weasel our way out of the roadblock with bambi eyes and smiles. Thank god. So yeah, that was our 'Drama Minggu Ini'.

Having a horrible splitting headache I can only blame on the lack of sleep and excessive driving hours. Popped 3 Panadols but it's not helping at all. Made plans for drinks tonight again, not sure if I should skip it in favour of my comfy bed.

On a lighter note, Kst got to S'pore and proceeded on to getting drunk. All fingers crossed for his interview! Gonna go nurse my headache now.

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