Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why do I blog?

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Was browsing through Joe's blog and her recent post was about 'Why do you blog?' Hmm, that really made me go like 'Eh, ya hor... why do I blog?' Erk.. Maybe not in such a Chink way la.

Why do I blog?

  • To bitch to the world
  • To express views I might not be able to express vocally
  • To express feelings I might not be able to express vocally
  • To record a special feeling that I might have at that time but cannot express openly
  • To express injustice
  • To express thoughts that might be too private for the delicate ears of certain friends
  • To keep friends who I might not see often updated on happenings of life
  • To keep sanity in reality by expressing insanity in cyberspace
Along with loads of other things that I cannot really remember at this point of time. I had been blogging for past a year and though there were times when I was lazy to update my blog often, I am glad I kept up because it is pretty fun to see what other people think about my views.

Oh.. blogging, makes me seem like I am hard at work too. Heheheh

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* Dream Weaver * said...

Wahhh... so teerror!!! (in super chinky voice!) My blog actually made five people think (including you)- Hoorah!

I love bloggings...
Hey did you see my latest pics of us on our blog... super photo HO's.