Tuesday, July 26, 2005

On being drunk and not being in the right state of mind

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So the whole of last week was Gigi's mourning period, and we being the good friends that we are *hinthint* comforted, talked and drank with her. Hell, we were the ones who held her hands when she needed to get to the loo which was at the other end of the sea of human beings. Saying that, I am very sure that she will do exactly the same if we were in the same situation and maybe even more.

Now, when we are drunk, we tend to do things that we do not really mean to do; like how a friend of mine, King F, thought he was a little yellow birdy and wanted to fly off the balcony. Well, he HAS a birdy and I can say that he is yellow but fly? Nah.. maybe not. Thank goodness he decided that staying in the nest should be enough. But he went on to create more chaos within the nest, like putting vodka in his friend's contact lense case. We love listening to his crazy drinking stories. Imagine this, four girls and a guy sitting in their usual place in Central Perk, entranced by the wonderful stories that come forth from his mouth. It's almost like Arabian Nights or something.

Soon, I had experienced enough drunk stories to call my own to start sharing. My drinking buddies stayed the same throughout these years. Nini, Gem and Sarah N and a recent addition would be Gigi.

Once in my half drunk and depressed stage, I actually drunk messaged my so-called ex to ask him what inspired him to actually want to get together with me. Results were disasterous I have to say. Until today, I still think that he thinks that I still have the hots for him. *horrors*

Or that time when we were pissed drunk with Tequila and Vodka in Genting, we keep wanting to throw ice cubes down at passing buses while shouting 'It's snowing!!!'. It took us a while to realize that while ice cubes is not snow, the people in the bus will not hear us. Nevermind we were staying in the 20something floor. In the end, we just got bored and threw the whole bag of ice down, and none hit the passing bus.

Another gut-splitting incident was when we were in Genting again and me, Gem, SD6, Sarah N and Nini got so freaking drunk after playing the card game that Gem just plopped herself against the bed. Half of her body was on top of the bed and the other half was on the floor. In our druken state, me and SD6 decided that she is a beached whale and tried to get her back on the bed. We were unsuccessful but until today I had no recollection of how she managed to get back into the bed. I am giggling while trying to remember what happened that day.

(Defination of the card game - Everyone sits in a circle and in the middle of the circle is an empty cup and whatever liquor you have in your cabinets. Everyone is given and card faced down. On the word go, you stick the card on your forehead without looking at what you've got. This way, you can see everyone's cards except for yours. Now by looking at everyone elses card, decide how much liquor you want to pour into the cup because the one with the smallest card has to drink everything in the cup. Ace of Diamonds is the smallest and King of Spades is the biggest)

We drink to kill off our sorrows, we also drink because we are happy. Alcohol is good and bad. But always, ALWAYS after a bout of puking, I will send an SMS to all my drink buddies that will sound something like this : -

Ugh, I feel so bad. Drinking is BAD. Do not drink anymore. Drinking is so bad, so bad, so bad I swear to God I will swear off drinks for at least a month

And that itself is a lie because I will totally forget about it the next day and start plotting for the next drink outing. I'd just say that I was not in the right state of mind when I sent that SMS out. I was not. I was drunk. And the next drinking outing will be next week Friday night!

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"Getting drunk is one of the best things to do when you do not know of what else to do" Pearls of Wisdom from the humble, beautiful and smart Pinkity


Anonymous said...

where is the bonfire????????? u said there was a bonfire???

ThrO192 said...

I am always down for a bonfire but I think I really have given up drinking except socially at weddings and such. It has been over a month for me and the thought of being drunk starts to make me feel bad.

Pinkity said...

Drinking is really fun, especially if you have a fun bunch of friends that goes crazy the moment the alcohol touches their stomach lining. Not all the time tho, sometimes when you've drank too much and you've been puking like a sick cat, you will want to swear alcohol off once and for all. A friend of mine still have a phobia drinking O.J because of the amount of O.J she had regurgitated. *Uwek*

Anonymous said...

Yes, never in my life i will mix vodka with O.J again...
Pinkity, please dont offer me O.J anymore. The moment i see O.J, i can feel it in my mouth...

-Sarah N-

Pinkity said...

Everytime I think of O.J I think of the pulps stuck on the side of my car courtesy of Sarah N. Thanks!!! Hahahahha