Thursday, July 28, 2005


Listening to: Kelly Clarkson - Behind these hazel eyes
Feeling: Superbly sleepy, nodding off while typing
Hole in wallet: Big. Just paid off t 2 months worth of car loan and renewed my driving license plus karaoke and Italliani's for lunch yesterday. And it's only like the 28th of the month? boohOoo

So we went to the karaoke yesterday; me, Sarah N, Gem, Nini, Gigi and Sissy. Initially it was just me and Sarah N, *one of the reasons why because we figured out that we get to sing more songs if there was only 2 of us in the room* but we decided that the self proclaimed shower singing queen needs a dose of karaoke and she managed to persuade Gem and collectively we managed to get Nini in and Sissy was tricked into coming. *giggles*

The end result was, uhm... have you heard of cats yeow-ing? Something like that. hahah.. Honestly, but it was really fun. Out of the 6 only 3 of us who were really serious about going in to sing our hearts out. I guess at the end of the night, the rest finally got into the mood to start singing. Me and Sarah N stayed till 3am, *hence the sleepiness* and got major eyebags as punishment. I woke up with scratchy throat and an extreme need to drink loads and loads of fluid.

Before I forget, I need to congratulate one of my dear friends and pembaca blog setia saya, Gigi because she had just landed right smack in her new job. Ganbatte Kudasai and loads of good luck. As she is in the same company as Gem, I made them promise to try not to kill each other off before the end of the first week. :p All the best to you Gigi!!!

Back to the karaoke. If you had been to a karaoke joint, you would know that inside the privacy of the little dark rooms, you can pretty much do anything you want without anyone bothering. Well, they do have glass doors, so no hanky panky. What I mean is, you can dance, shout, sing really loudly, badly or mumble, no one really cares. Doesn't matter if you can't sing because the other people in the other rooms sing equally bad *if not, worst*. An immortal quote from Sarah N -

'Haiyah, if they can sing like a singer, they won't be here la. Already become singers!!'

Try walking into any Red Box, Songbird, KTV or Newway joints here in KL and you'd be rudely greeted with a mish-mash of canto-pop, english-pop, old hokkein faves or *gasp* chinese techno. (I had always wondered how these people can actually sing to songs like that. ) If you had always wanted to try out Mariah Carey's I'll be there but you're afraid, book a room all by yourself and sing your heart out! No one really cares how badly off key your rendition is. They just want you to order more drinks. * incidently, a jug of Coke would set you back by RM55, beer is RM44* Ekk.... I need to remember to keep a bottle of mineral water in my bag before we get inside.

Had so much fun. Sang Mandarin and Canto songs eventhough we did not know most of the words. Sang Mariah Carey's I'll be there but gave up in the middle *I know I am a wuss*, managed to sing my Utada Hikaru, twice!!! Sang M2M, Spice Girls, Westlife, Theresa Theng, Jacky Cheung, Fish Leong, everything. I hope they won't ban us from entering Red Box because we were singing so loudly. But, we'll be back next month.. Wait and See... The next time, I'd be singing The Sound of Music *If the rest would permit me* For now, I'll be swigging more O.J and be contented with only listening to Kelly Clarkson singing... sniff

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