Thursday, July 07, 2005


Listening to: Night and Day - DeLovely OST
Feeling: Speechless

Watched Samara yesterday in Starlight Cinema. It was pretty crappy. Oh well, it was free so guess was there for the fun and laughter. Tried out the Nokia color photo printing that they had there and it was pretty good. Me and Sarah N took a picture that was printed out for us in 4R size, still clear. No complains about that phone except for the size. Think that was the only highlight of the night.

Another one of those perks that we get for being freebie-hos.

Was thinking aloud then about how we have to beg friends to come for the freebie events that we have and sometimes it is pretty annoying. Sarah N agrees as she gets the same problem. Oh well... friends, can't live with them, can't live without them... =_=;


chinyew said...

please do invite me if there is anymore freebies event, yah..



Pinkity said...

Freebie invites are usually restricted to 1st degree friends. :p but if you appreciate things like these will keep you in mind :)