Friday, July 01, 2005

Weird.. dreams?

Listening to: Fish Leong - Wei Wo Hao
Feeling: Blank and confused, with husky voice

So this is the aftermath of a loud and pretty long karaoke session. Husky voice. Don't mind it, but just wish that the freaky dream I had yesterday would go away. Well.... Here goes nothing

Freaky Dream
*OK, G don't laugh cause it's about Jay. *

Dreamt that a bunch of us went to yamcha in this place we have not been to before.. and we saw him there yamcha-ing with a bunch of friends of his as well.. He saw us and approached us, and asked me to come with him to say hie to his friends. *at this point I was like 'what the fuck for?'* And so, I went. He held my waist *alot of that to hold on to..* and I said 'Don't do that! People might misunderstand!' and I felt *freaking hell* that I was blushing =_=;
As we reached the table, I could hear

Friends: *Desas Desus* Er.. so 'tai kau' (big piece T.T, I have a crappy ability to degrade myself even in my dreams.. shit)

Me: *thinks* Fuck they look like the Mafia. Don't sell me to Thailand!!!

Him: Hey guys, this is the girl I've been talking about

Me: Hie *pops a cheery smile*

Friends: *in unison* Hie.

Me: *felt like I've died and went to heaven* he talks about me in front of his friends?

Alarm Clock: Ringgggg *OK, my alarm ringtone is Mariah Carey's It's like that.. So Mariah woke me up. Damn you Mariah!!!*

Sigh... crap. I think I am falling into the shit pits of hell. *Cries like a drama queen that I am*

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