Friday, July 01, 2005


Listening to: AK - Say you love me
Feeling: Full

Came back from a long meeting that involves planning to shoot more sexy pictures to find this

Image hosted by on my desk.. turned out that Mabs had a shoot and she was using these as props. Was feeling hungry then so I ate it. Didn't care if it was icki-fied or what.. just makan only. But it was so pretty and it came with a sweet note :p

Hi Pinkity!
Have a cupcake it's super sweet like you! Missing ya!

From the other side of the office - Mable

Mabs made my after noon, along with these few other people, ThrO and Chin Yew... because they're readers of this blog... OMFG. I have an audience. =_=; *sudden revelation*

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