Tuesday, July 05, 2005

'We need to talk'

Listening to: Fish Songs
Feeling: Like the world is about to end

'We need to talk'


'Something is wrong. I can sense it'

"Nothing's wrong.. Everything's fine!"

'We don't talk like we used to anymore'

"That's because I need more time to adjust to the change"

'..... We kept in touch even when I was away. '

"It's different.."

'How different?'

"You’re different”

‘I think there is something that I need to say but might hurt you’


'I want you to know that we are just friends'

“.... OK”



"*laughs* I know that we were just friends all along. Why are you telling me something that I already know?"

‘I hope you understand’

“I’ve always understood. Hey I need to go, my mum’s calling me to pick my sister up. Talk to you later!!”

‘OK… take care. Nights and sweet dreams’

“You too.. Hugz! Nights and sweet dreams”


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Pinkity said...

Heheh.. this is jst what I think would happen. Didn't really happen le.. :p Gigi.. no worries