Monday, July 18, 2005

'I think I need a shot of Vodka'

Listening to: Ashanti - Foolish
Feeling: Foolish

Monday blues at the darkest. Partly because of the fact that it IS Monday, lack of sleep and the reason why I couldn't sleep. It was pretty disturbing. Phone call was as such

Me: So are you in to her la?

Him: Hmm.. *moment of silence* Maybe..

Me: What do you mean by 'maybe'? No such thing. *laughs* If you like her, you have to appreciate. You have to go get it *cries and I wonder if he hears it*

Him: Well, I think most prolly

Me: *a second of silence, with a verse from Fish Leong's 'Ting Bu Dao' running through my head* Ganbatte Kudasai! I think she is a very nice girl

Him: Hmm... But I think she is not so into me...

Me: *kills myself with selflessness* You didn't even try. Don't be stupid. Ask her out more. Call her, SMS her, woo her...

After another agonizing hour that included a whole of PJ blackout (how appropriate) and half a box of cancer sticks, we ended the conversation.

Almost immediately, I thought of the only one person who should be awake at that time. Gigi.
Sms-ed her and she called and we had this conversation with another few more sticks of CSs as our companion

Me: Why????? I think I need a shot of Vodka

Gigi: It's because we are too beautiful. And clever. And career minded. And rich, Men are afraid of us!

Me: Plus the fact that I am fat?

Gigi: Darling, you know it's not about you being fat. *sniffs* It's just the guys being stupid

Me: *not entirely convinced* But, but but.. sigh.. why do we always go for the type that are stupid, arrogant and so NOT into us? *sniffles*

Gigi: You're right. They are so stupid because they are not into us. I think I need a shot of Tequila

Me: Ergh.. I'm too lazy to walk down for my vodka. I think it is a curse. It's karma! In our last life, we had been rejecting people, turning them down when they wooed us, that is why we are what we are now.

Gigi: I agree.. I think we are punished because we are too beautiful. Of course, I am always number 1 and you're number two... *laughs like the evil person she is*

Me: I think I know what sin we had commited that resulted us in such pain. We are always lying!!

Nevertheless, our little exchange ended an hour later, interrupted by Gigi who needed to shit really badly. We laughed. I didn't feel as bad. But I still couldn't sleep. Finished my book, The Little Princess at 5.30am. Is this what they call Lo Li Chin? I guess so..

*cries without tears*


Anonymous said...

*cries without tears*

I've been there, done that. Really sucks.

Pinkity said...

I guess everyone been there done that in one point of their lives. Sucks.. Hell yeah. But still, something that we have to go through. Sadness

shelbybaby said...

trust me, i really get all this. blissfully shitty.