Thursday, August 04, 2005

War of the Blocks

Listening to: Coco Lee - Secretly Loving You
Feeling: Sleepy

Yikes.. Had another fun filled night at Friendster. Short recap: -

Image hosted by
War of the Uno Stacko.. It is so high~

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Gigi contemplates her next move. 'How???'

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It is only this high ma~..

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Me thinks that Gigi will not pass the test.. And lights one up 'Hohoho'

Image hosted by

But.. She got tru it.. God Damnit... Shit.. now my turn to stress... =_=;

In the end, Gigi was the one who tipped that bloody leaning tower of Uno blocks. Going back there on Friday. Friendster rocks.. no matter what Kst says... Bleh Kst.. BLEH~ We are going back there on Friday.. And I will kick Uno Stacko Ass.. Muahehaehahe


Anonymous said...

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Deserver said...

I haven't played that in so long.

Pinkity said...

Hehe.. you should!!! U buy I come over to your hse to play!! Yay!