Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Friendster is our new hangout

Listening to: Dido - Life for Rent
Feeling: Bored and am spacing out

I woke up and I knew straight away it was one of those sleepy days you just wish you could take MC to enjoy. I briefly considered that option before realizing that I have not more than 2 days of leave left. I shouldn't waste it. Uppity-up and off I went to brush my teeth. So happened to glance at my air-cond remote control and saw the time. It's freaking 8.50am. Shitshitshitshit.. No wonder I had my phone under my pillow. I had turned off the alarm.. damnit.. another Usagi day. (Remember Sailormoon?) Sigh..

Rushed to get ready. Went off to work without makeup even. Ish... Feel so totally naked.

Was in Friendster again yesterday, how can you not love that place? They even provide Uno Stacko...

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Sarah N trying out her luck

So we were there for about 4 hours. I think we had scared off a few customers with our freakish laughter and loud crashes.

Attendance - Me, Nini, Sissy, Sarah N and Gigi


LadyGem said...

Hey... why won't I invited??? *sniff*

Pinkity said...

You were at Central Perk! You never did invite US as well... O.o but Friendster was impromptu, on the spot decision when dinner dint work out at Maroon Cafe. oH Well..

kinkybluefairy said...

hey... i'm not wearing make up at work now!

Though it's probably cos

1. Couldn't be fucked to put anything on this morning after getting really sloshed last night. Extra 10 minutes of sleep was more important.

2. Not seeing clients today

So can go home and crash straight away.

Pinkity said...

Ekk... I wanna crash now. It's bloody raining. With an empty horizontal space behind me, I am very much tempted to SNORE~ ZZZZZ

LadyGem said...

I was at Centrel Perk for dinner but could have gone over for yumcha... *sniffles* Poor me... *starts singing* "Lonely...I am so lonely...I have nobody...All on my own...ARRRRRRRRRR"

Pinkity said...

Erk, you could try calling us sometimes you know? Thought you were with your colleagues.