Saturday, November 05, 2005

Chilling yo

Listening to: Loud sounds emitted from G's laptop
Feeling: Kinda sleepy and chilled

If I am rich, I would sit in Starfucks everyday and blog about everything. But unfortunately I am not. But I am still chilling in Starfucks yo. So where is my endorsement deal? NuUuuuuU.

Chilling yo... So chilling.

This is life.

Friends, cigarettes, coffee and good music.


The Machinist said...

If you are true to what you say you want to do, you are just one of those people who haven't seen much of other people's world or life, or even life out of KL. But hell you don't care, that is your motto. What should I be saying this unwanted advice to you anyway?

Pinkity said...

Hi there 'the machinist',

Thanks for your comment. I had been mulling over the meaning of your name for the longest time till I chanced upon and realized that The Machinist is the name of Christian Bale's latest movie and a machinist is the guy who operates heavy machinery in factories (correct me if I'm wrong).

Great to hear what you think about what I think. I will be replying to this comment real soon! Hope you'll still be reading me blog till then.