Monday, November 28, 2005

Overheard at home

Listening to: The rain falling
Feeling: Awake!

Overheard this evening when I was about to leave the house for One Utama.

Mom: Isn't amazing how these DVDs could hold that many songs?

Dad: How many?

Mom: About 120. It's all music video somemore.

Dad: Wow... *awed*

I just think that it is darn cute when the older generation discovers technology. *LOLs*


@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

While my dad slowly started to play MP3 in PC, my mum still thought that credit card fraud will attack every user, including her son who refuses to get rid of it! *touch wood, touch wood* :)

Maybe we'll be in their shoes sometime in future, haha!

Pinkity said...

My dad still can't turn on the computer if that saves his life. Oh well.. At least my mum knows how to tune the TV frequency.

Explains the whole DVD episode

su-jin said...

I know that 1 CD should be able to store 150 songs, so 1 DVD can definitely more songs than that.

Pinkity said...

Well, it's not just songs... It's NTV if I'm not wrong :) Welcome to my blog ^-^

JoeC said...

wait till she find out abt thumbdrives, you can store the entire movie in them! cheers!

FH2O said...

woah! Really kah? Can hold so many songs? I better go buy 1!
wat's a thumb drive? got smaller one? like finger drive??

Pinkity said...

Well, I think its a waste to burn mp3s into DVDs. You can't listen to DVDs in your car.. CDs are sufficient. Say... 300 songs in one? DVDs, just burn movies in them.
About thumbdrives, a friend of mine bought a car stereo system that plays mp3s from thumbdrives.. Amazing... wait.. more accurately - it plays from USB ports. NICE! I love technology!

P/S: Just found out that some new models of Volvos, Mercs and Minis has a cable that could be connected to your iPods. Portable music, the next generation! Yay~