Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fiction, but not entirely..

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Once upon a time, not too long ago, in a place, not too far away, there lived a girl who had a friend. This girl's name is Helen and Helen's friend's name is Clara. Clara and Helen had been best friends for the longest time. Sometimes if Helen needs help on something, Clara will definitely help her. Same goes for Helen, she would help Clara too without any hesitation.

Then, one day, Clara met Boy. Clara was smitten with Boy. And Boy was smitten with her. They got together. They were happy for a while, but then they started arguing about the smallest things. They argued over which place to go to for dinner, they argued over her friends, her choice of clothing and many more. In fact, instead of talking about everything underneath the sun, they argued about everything under the sun.

Helen was upset about this whole thing. While she knows that this relationship between Clara and Boy didn't concern her one bit, she feels that Clara is now a different person. Clara doesn't smile as often anymore and she is always complaining about Boy to Helen. Helen feels it is wrong for Clara to continue being unhappy just because of Boy whom she had only knew for about 6 weeks. Still, Helen advised her whenever Clara comes to her for help.

Helen had also noticed that apart from Boy, they don't talk about anything else anymore. Whenever they meet up, the topic of Boy crops up. Helen is getting sick and tired of the whole Boy episode and shut Clara out of her life. Clara was then confused from the lack of support from her bestfriend Helen.

Again and again, Clara asked Helen out for advice and again and again Helen told her that she was not free. Helen knew it was wrong to do so, but she couldn't bring herself to face Clara anymore. Clara's relationship with Boy continued to deteriorate.

Finally, Helen couldn't take it anymore and gave Clara a shelling.

"Clara, I have already told you that this relationship would not work. A lot of times. But you wouldn't listen. There is no point in me telling you anymore. I wish you would just listen"

'But, Helen, I want to try this. I want to make it work'

"If you want it to be that way, then make it work. If you were to complain about Boy all the time, I don't think that it is working. I am sick and tired of telling you things you might do not want to hear. I will be there for you if you are ready to talk about other things. I have already given you more than my two cents."

'But, Helen, wouldn't you support me in everything I do anymore?'

"Look, I cannot be part of your relationship with him. Do you realize this? I would really hate to be in your situation too. But I can't relate to this. I can't tell you to break up, because that is for you to say. What I think about Boy, I've already made it clear. I don't think he is the one for you. If you think otherwise then it is good for you, but just don't contradict yourself by complaining about him."

'I'm sorry'

"I'm sorry too, Clara, that the situation has gotten to this point. I love you as a friend, like a sister. But just remember, there is a limit to everything. And I want you to know if you need anything, I will always be there for you. And this argument today didn't happen because of Boy. I want your old self to back. I don't want you to be unhappy just because Boy is an asshole."

After that conversation Helen had with Clara, they came to the conclusion that if Clara is unhappy they will definitely not go out anymore. Clara is giving it a month or two for Boy to prove himself. But after that conversation, Helen has changed too. She felt bad for treating Clara that way. She had no right scold Clara like she did. But of course Helen was grateful that Clara didn't get angry on her outburst but Helen still feels uneasy over the whole situation.

Now if you were in Helen's place, what would you do? Would you have done the same thing by giving Clara a piece of your mind or would you just make it clear that you don't want to be a part of that and steer clear of Clara? What would you do?


LadyGem said...

I would have done what Helen had done. Cos after some time, all the advicing, time and effort is wasted on Clara as she's not even listening to began with. I would have told Clara off and said, "Look, I've already adviced you as much as I can and spent a lot of my precious time listening to you complain about the same thing over and over again but not doing anything about it or even listening to my advice. I'm fed up and tired cos I have problems of my own to settle. Talk to me when you have settled your shit or decide to wake up and do something about things, until then, if you still decide to try and live in your not-so-fantasy world, leave me outta this."

Pinkity said...

Well, I would say, in the perfect world, I will do that. But when feelings and emotions and ethics come into play, you will not say that because you know for a fact that if Helen were to say that to Clara they might not even end up in speaking terms. If Clara is the sensitive sort of person, she might take it personally and get really angry. Clara might even think Helen is jealous of her and therefore sabotaging her relationship with Boy.

Anonymous said...

*ahem* why does it all seem so familiar eh? its like deja vu

Pinkity said...

Right.. I love to blog from experience~ :p