Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Listening to: Some Malay songs from my new colleague's computer
Feeling: Kinda tired actually

Just another whacky Tuesday.

Was on the way back to the office from the carpark which is sadly outside because of my switch in jobs. Because I am 'new' (even though I am technically NOT new) my parking privilages were taken away from me. Doesn't matter. Just that if I were to go home late, it's freaky walking down that long dark road. Anywayz, that's besides the point.

What happened this morning was just plain funny. I walked out of my car after successfully finding a parking under a shade. Braced myself for the 4-minute walk under the hot morning sun and I trudged reluctantly onto the hot tar road.


I turned to see an uncle, nearly as old as my uncle Yao nudging his friend who was next to him.

"Your dress nice la"

What else can I do but to smile at this uncle? I was sweaty, slightly late and had the sun glaring in my eyes. Then suddenly, I remembered....

"Eh, I wearing skirt la!"

Erks... This brought me to a few conclusions:

i) Uncle is blind

ii) Uncle thinks skirts are dresses, and dresses are skirts so when people ask him what his wife likes to wear, he'll answer skirts. And only skirts. That might set off a few nosebleeding incidents. EWWWWW

iii) Uncle just wants to insult me

I think I would accept (i) as the answer. I mean, if he were to insult me, he must be blind too right? And also abit crazy.

Kakaka... Just another whacky Tuesday, I thought as I started walking back towards the office. I hitched my 'dress' slightly higher so I could walk faster...

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