Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fat vs Food

Listening to: Fan Wei Qi - Ru Guo De Shi
Feeling: Pensive

So today I saw an old friend who I had not seen for like about 4 months while I was out with Seems for a drink. Let's call him Al. Well, the first thing Al said to me was was 'WAH, why are you here?" *Note: He's a loud, maybe a bit tactless sort of guy but he's really nice and all* Embarrassed, I quickly shushed him and walked into the restaurant, hoping no one heard his outburst. No such luck. He had to scream my name and ask again...

After the commotion subsided, he came over and said hi to me (this time softly). He told me that I had gained weight (again, god damnit) Now I have nothing against Al, he could be seriously honest to the point of being nasty sometimes. Well, ok, most of the time. So I'll take that one as a honest view. Painful but honest. Oh well..

Then came the saving line. "Eh, but you look prettier already loe" *I swear guys, that's what he said, word for word.* and he left.

Now that reminded me of G's question from last night; Would you continue eating if you realized that the fatter you are, the prettier you'll become"

I said that I would continue eating as I would normally would, I think

Seems says that fat is beautiful, it's great but if not for the health complications.

I would say food is too beautiful to give up at this moment. Fuck being thin. Being comfortable is the best. So if guys would really be that shallow to not be comfortable with any girls because of their sizes, they can go turn gay. Or go fuck themselves.

Being happy rocks my world. And I will go rocking on, fat or not.

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