Thursday, November 10, 2005

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*I've actually near finished this post before I forgot to copy the content before clicking 'save' like I usually did and the whole thing went kaput. Sadness!!!*

I had been getting more comments on my posts nowadays and my am I flattered. Thanks to the usual suspects for all comments. But of recent there are people whom I don't know commenting on my blog. PIDK actually cared to share what they think about what I think and I am super honored. Not these kind...

Hey Blogger... (Hi, there spammer)
Somehow I landed on your blog when scowering the net for french kissing technique related information, and your post 'Love is...' grabbed me so I stopped to read. (How in the world would THAT particular post has anything to do with FRENCH KISSING?) Now I'm glad I found you because I'm trying to improve my site about french kissing technique (don't blush :) (not blushing... really...) and your blog here gave me some excellent ideas. (On french kissing? O.o)Blogger (The name's Pink) you are a quality blogger and I'm learning some good stuff by being here. (Awww.. Now I'm really blushing..)

Keep your rhythm and good content flowin ~ and good job Blogger. (For the last time, the name is Pink.. And Miss Pink for you, punk!!)

I hate spammers because its so annoying to click on your new email gleefully thinking that someone left something worth reading only to see a comment from a spammer who tells you that you can build private roads (or something like that) and the hassle is that they HAAAVVEE to comment in posts that were prolly posted a year ago. Then you have to look for it to get it deleted. *shakes fist*

Then there are people like these...

"If you are true to what you say you want to do, you are just one of those people who haven't seen much of other people's world or life, or even life out of KL. But hell you don't care, that is your motto. What should I be saying this unwanted advice to you anyway?"

This rather hostile comment was left on this post by an anonymous person who calls himself/herself The Machinist.

Hi Mr/Ms Machinist. In reply to your comment, you're right! I've never have in my life stepped out of Malaysia (I won't say KL, I've been going on a grand tour going around Malaysia) . I've been living in the same area for the whole 23 years of my life. I admit that I have rather been the katak di bawah tempurung but I am just wondering, what relevance is there from that to my post?

Me never been out of Malaysia+Me don't care+Me haven't seen much of other people's life = Extreme need of sitting in Starfucks enjoying coffee when I am rich


I said that I would love to enjoy life like so if I am rich. Of course, that's just me being whimsical. If I were to be really rich, I would prolly go travel the world and then come back and write something that is maybe more intelligent. After all, being over the sea somehow makes one smarter. And I am not saying this in a sarky way. I totally agree that travel opens up doors for you. Sighs, too bad I am too poor to travel. The sadder thing is that it was said that I have an accent and people ask me if I had been overseas. I feel malu giler to tell them that I've never been anywhere else save that one time I went to Hong Kong.

AND, I swear to god I do not fake the 'accent' if I really have one.

"But hell you don't care, that is your motto. What should I be saying this unwanted advice to you anyway?" Mr/Miss Machinist ended his/her comment with this and this bugged me the most. My motto in life is 'No Regrets" and not "hell I don't care". Now I am wondering if this guy got the wrong person. Or is he/she someone I know? Oh man.. this is like giving me sleepless nights thinking who the hell this person is... And as for the 'unwanted advice', what advice? No hard feelings I hope... Mr/Miss Machinist, but I think you're a bit odd...

Hey Mr/Miss Machinist, who the hell are you? And thanks for that comment


Machinist said...

I am sorry if to have cause you some ill feelings. By 'outside' KL I mean by other places in M'sia, not overseas. Cause sometimes it gives you a different perspective on life when you live in other places for some time. Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe it just me and my thoughts. Read the book 'The Little Prince' before? Interesting read it is.
And by 'hell you care'...guess that is the impression I get from the other post that you have written. But then, my mistake and too emotional comment too. And yes, weird I am. But then
'you may say I am a dreamer'...hope that 'I am not the only one'(John Lennon, Imagine)
Have a nice day. Would visit your blog now and then. Sorry about the hostility. Sumimasen.

Machinist said...

Me again. As in 'different perspective'= 'do other hobbies/things after going through some experience'. This is my point of view. And no I do not know you so this is not a personal attack, just happened to stumble by your site. Yes 'machinist' is the Christian Bale movie. But of course, only the weirdness and insomnia relates me and Bale.

LadyGem said...

Wow... Looks like you've got yourself a fan, Pink. And he's online pretty early too, last I checked @ 9.20am, there was only 1 commment but was shocked to find 2, when I clicked on comments.
Good on you to be able to attract "intellectual" people instead of spammers. I always wondered if there is a way to get rid of them for good.
By the way, I love the piccies. And, Machinist, keep up your comments... It's interesting to hear (more like "see") comments from people out of our usual group.

Pinkity said...

Wow, golly gee weez, I have not 1, not 2 but 3 comments so early in the morning? Oh man, I can't take it man... before I get my morning smokes.. It's too much and I am too honored.

Anywayz, Mr.Machinist (I assume a MR.)thanks for your comments and feedback. Like I've said, no hard feelings. I knew it was not a personal attack. Anyway, it's not that I'm XiaXue or something... :p Now that things have been cleared, everything's good!

Anyway Gem, you can try selecting the word verification option to avoid spammers. I've just started using it and so far, so good!

LadyGem said...

Thanks for the tip, babe.

Machinist said...

For ladygem: nice to meet you. Online early due to work commitments.