Saturday, November 19, 2005

What is done is done

Listening to: TATu, tAtU or TATU erk - All about us
Feeling: Sleepy

Looking back at the pictures we took, we were once so happy. We had no worries then. I remembered thinking nothing could hold us down. Those were good times. We were young and free. We had a job. We could drive out of KL without our parents calling us every five minutes to check if we turn on the signal before changing lanes. In short, we were unstoppable.

Then one by one we started having our own little demons. We fell apart. Individually we were weak. We slowed down. Finally we stopped.

Nini said "We used to have to much fun. No troubles, problems, without a care for the world. Now... *sigh*"

It's hard to believe it was only a month or two ago before these things started happening. I've always believed that things happened for a reason. And the reason why we fell apart in this beautiful friendship was because of our own doing. I admit my part. But whatever that had happened had already happened. Whatever that was done is done. Nothing could turn back time. Just appreciate the time we had together. Those times means more to me than all the gold and diamonds in the world.

Things always happens for a reason. I hope that whatever that had happened would bring us back together again. Then we will be stronger than ever. Our friendship will last a thousand years. Let that be the reason why this happened. Make this journey worthwhile.

Whatever it is, I love you all...

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