Saturday, November 26, 2005

Saturday's mundane rambling

Listening to: Voices in my head
Feeling: Sleepy

Still at Starfucks. At least I've finished some of my work. Can't seem to concentrate. I totally forgot about bringing headphones so I can blast music while squint my eyes reading small fonts on my TextEdit program. Mental note to self. Buy good headphones. Preferably Mac. Original. Woot. Mental note to self. Also remember to buy the lottery, then I can buy headphones.

Just finished watching the trailer for Memoirs of a Geisha. I am so fecking excited, I so want to watch it. It will be like Phantom of the Opera last year. I am so hyped. Abit annoyed *still* at the fact that Zhang Ziyi got the part of Sayuri instead of Michelle Yeoh, Oh well.. It looks like it's wonderfully done, very dramatic cinematography and impressive soundtrack. I hope this turns out to be Oscar material.

Still waiting to watch Harry Potter. Most prolly will be able to get tickets for Wednesday. Shall buy tickets tomorrow. I am so excited. I love cinemas. Only when they have tickets.

Still getting headaches about the dress I am supposed to buy for Wednesday's cocktail event. I am actually on duty. Have to do some sort of like a celebrity red carpet thing. More on that when I get briefed.

What a week. I feel as though I am still working. I have 13 days worth of annual leave but I don't think I can actually use it. End of the year is usually when we go crazy trying to beat time because of the Christmas-New Year-Chinese New Year holidays. We are now working on February. Come next Friday, we will be doing having our meeting for March. My already whacked sense of time is now getting worst.

I have an interview coming up soon and that is kind of stressing me out because this will be the first time I am speaking to someone that famous. I am afraid that I might just blackout and fall into the pool. I hope I seriously won't make a fool out of myself man...

Had a long long long drink with Sarah S and Seems yesterday. It has been quite some time since we've done Friday beer and it feels damn good to able to reconnect with what's happening on the upper floors of the building. And I am glad I have colleagues as friends. Bless!

Battery's dying on me. More to come tomorrow!!


JoeC said...

pottie was pottied, i think chamber was still the benckmark pottie movie, will rant abt it. juz after charging my mental brin battery ler.


Pinkity said...

Well, won't try won't know. Just hope that it wont be THAT disappointing!!!