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Looooonnnng Update!

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This is one hell of a long update after a hiatus of approximately 5 days. Talk about being lazy. Well, holidays always make me feel extra lazy. And ditzy. And broke. (more on that later) And sleepy on the wrong time of the day. So, let's get this started.

First of all, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali to all Muslim and Indian readers. To all Chinese, happy holidays.

I just love Malaysia for that one reason. When it comes to the different celebrations, we get holidays. Oh, holidays I love you so.

Since holidays started on Tuesday, I had been living the extravagant life of a tai-tai (I wish) and in the process, pilfering off all my monthly pay, leaving me with an extra dry purse and that made me wish for a real life Doraemon, who will loan me the 'mesin cahaya masa' and I will go back in time to stop myself from spending on that extra cup of coffee. Or eating that super expensive lunch (sob). Sigh, no such luck. Looks like I will have to skimp on coffee on usual days. I should devise a coffee ration. Bloody Starfucks! Where's my endorsement deal? Anyways, with the (bloody) raise on ciggie price, looks like I have to ration that too. Half a pack a day? Maybe it's a good time to stop. (yeah right)

So, right, if anyone wants to have lunch with me, I'm at the soup kitchen. For those who wants to have dinner with me, I will be bringing my tiffin tin to wherever you're having dinner. I'm packing from home. Yamcha? I'll be having ais kosong while desperately sucking in your second hand smoke in a sick attempt to save on ciggies. WTF...

Right. So that's the sad state of my financial affairs. Anyone needs a maid? Please contact me. Have hands, willing to work for gourmet coffee and ciggies. Ugh... On to the updates

Monday (Halloween)
Yippee!!! Basically my last day at hell hole. I know I should have said my thanks to Hitler (as promised to myself) but I couldn't bring myself say 'thank you'. I can't BS myself that much. I just walked out, right on the dot, 5.30pm. Oh well... Bummed the whole day at the office (again) so I was in high spirits. What a great start to the week. What else can I ask when the next day is the start of a week long holiday?

Had an afterwork drink with Seems at Coffee Bean(1). While waiting for the gang to arrive at The Curve, had another iced tea at Starfucks (2). Had dinner at Charms cafe at the Curve with Nini and Beboo, Sissy and Sam, Kst, SarahN. Then joined the rest of the gang for a few drinks at Friendster. It was decorated beautifully for Halloween. The staff were decked out in their Halloween best. Laughed till my brains ached (well, maybe that was because of the beer) and we were so loud till CarebearJoe smsed me from the other end of the cafe saying 'I'm at Friendster. Can hear you from here'. Damn bloody malu like hell. But instead of shutting up like I should, we went on laughing even louder. Damn tragic.

Tuesday (Deepavali)
Woke up at about 2pm and went out for coffee with G at Uptown Starfucks (3) and lazily chilled for a while before going home for dinner with Uncle David. Had the Uncle David set menu, curry chicken, fried pork, eggs with pork the usual. I suspect mum loves cooking for him because she usually gets a barrage of compliments from him at the end of dinner. *sniggers* And he so totally hearts mum's famous Curry Chicken that we have that every single time he comes over. I wonder if he ever gets sick of having Curry Chicken at our place all the time. And man, if he ever did, he is sure a great actor. Super trooper he is.

Then met up with Sissy, SarahN, Kst and GG and went for drinks at Chui Sui Cham at Wangsa Maju for drinks because Central Perk's closed for Deepavali. Met up with Jay after that *weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* because I wanted to change a DVD I bought a few days ago that wouldn't play. (Sniff, it was April Snow. Got Bae Yoon Jun. Why the bloody DVD do me like that?) Anyways, changed it and found out that it wouldn't play anyway. I gave up. Slept at about 6am.

Woke up at about 1pm and went for Karaoke at Redbox@The Curve with Sarah N. Had three hours of singing non stop. Just the two of us and that would mean an hour and a half for each of us. Sang all the songs I wanted and more. Got a big room because the smaller rooms were taken up. Fine by me! Yay~ I heart oldies!!!

Went for dinner at Sakae Sushi (heartheartheart). Their Soba totally kicks ass! Had an after dinner drink (and *guilt* dessert) at Winter Warmers. I recommend their Pure Honey Waffle. Being the big pig that I am, I had a Banana Mocha Ice Blended. *everybody go oink now* And before I could even finish that bloody drink, I had to 'teman' Sissy for dinner at Lan Kwai Fong. I stared at him while he shoveled food down, thinking that I am so gonna throw up and had another cup of jasmine tea. =_=; *oinkoink here, oinkoink there!*

After dinner and what-nots, I went home and got my sister for a little fun at the fun fair. Well, truthfully, it was a pretty good one. Entrance is RM3 for adults. Don't be that naive to think that you get to go on all the rides for free. Nothing comes for free nowadays. Tokens at RM2 per token are sold right beside the entrance. A ride at the ferris wheel would cost 2 tokens (RM4). The price's pretty steep but that ride was worth RM4. I think we went round about 6 times? And it's not those crap squeaky metal things that looks suspiciously made from the leftovers of KDK fans. It's the real deal, about 5 stories high? Well, worth RM4 I tell you.

Anyone going to the fun fair should avoid the bloody House of Horror. It was a fright all right. I got scared when I realized that I just got conned RM4 for something kindergarten kids could have done better. It was just basically just walking into a dark corridor with ugly (and I mean really ugly and fake) drawings of skeletons, ghouls and a Frankenstein (I think).Crap. Scary. I just got robbed.

Sarah N, GG, Sissy, Hamham, Katkat, Do(G's sister) and my sis went on this flinging basket ride that spins you round and round at high speed. Ekk... Bring on rollercoasters any day, I hate those rotating shit. I get totally dizzy at the slightest spin and that would spoil the entire night. I stayed out and walked about the stalls. Looking at the games, I wondered if it could match those Japanese fair games. Shooting loops over bottlenecks for a Nokia handphone anyone? It was pretty much impossible but there was this uncle with a stack of token on the counter shooting away. At the rate that he's going, might as well use that money and pay for the bloody phone.

Played bumper cars and banged everyone. Imagined that I was stuck in a jam on a Friday rush hour and I swear I feel so much better after that. Sissy ruled the rink. (Of course, he drives like a madman on the road anyway).

While sis went off to play another of those rotating high flying thingys (gave my balls to her that night), I had a ciggie and looked around the fairground thinking how much fairs had changed since the last time. Well, it's probably 15 to 18 years ago since I've been to one and look at that now... the rides are brought in from over the sea. Wow... back then, the main attraction of the fair would be the ferris wheel.Now they have this 360 degrees swing ride. And I wondered how safe is that when the whole machine is not even anchored to the ground. Maybe that's why I was not interested in going on any of them. And, maybe when I was much younger, things were much bigger and brighter. It shows how cynical adults are too... Sighs.. I wanna be young and reckless again.

Went home RM50 poorer, slightly wet and for my sister, slightly pukish. Everyone minus my sis (who insisted I should drive her home) decided to go to Central Perk. Got there and found out that it's closed again. Picked Gem up (who opted out for the fun fair) and drove all the way to Kepong for some dim sum. Stuffed myself *again!!!!*, went home and played a game or two on the Nintendo DS that Kst had so kindly loaned me. Slept at about 6am again.

Thursday (First day of Raya)
Woke up at 12noon and went for lunch with Kristy, old high school mate, at ThaiExpress@The Curve. Bloody expensive and totally not nice. So sad. Went home and Sissy came over to hang out. (Sam's away and he's bored) GG and Do came over after that with Momo (G's sugar glider! It's soooo totally cute. My god, it's so freaking cute big eyes that beseeches you to pet it!!!)

Chilled for a while and went for dinner at Island Cafe. (totally heart-ing the jasmine tea and chicken with butter sauce) Decided that we should go up to Genting to chill (literally) and drove up. Went for Coffee Bean and had a latte and hot chocolate (4 & 5) while waiting for Hamham and Katkat to arrive. My fingers nearly froze because it was drizzling and and the wind was howling. GG brought a shawl, Sissy brought nothing and I had a jacket. In the end, I loaned Sissy my jacket while GG loaned Sam's jacket and I heroically accepted GG's shawl. I think I might have burned off a few grains of rice from fighting the cold wind.

After Hamham and Katkat arrived and gotten their coffee fix, we drove off to the Ria Apartment parking lot where Sissy promised a spectacular view of KL and boy was it spectacular. It was a particularly clear night and the whole of KL and more was visible. The wind was blowing but who cares, the view was magnificent. If I were to stay in Ria Apartments the next time we go Genting, I might just camp out there just to try to get the view imprinted into my mind.

Got down at about 2am and went for some more dim sum. It's 6.30am now. How's that for a holiday so far? Yawn... off to bed now... More activities tomorrow!!!!


P/S: This post was inspired by 187hugz. Thanks Kst!

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