Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bumming Blissfully

Listening to: The Corrs - My Lagan Love
Feeling: Like, wide awake!

I am such a lazy bum today, woke up at 5.15 pm and got a scolding from my mum. *have not gotten that for a long time* And me being that horrible and mean bitch of a daughter, ignored her and proceeded to heat up my lunch.

Finished up 'lunch' and bummed in my room watching 'War and Beauty' for a while before messaging Gem to ask her out for dinner. Got a reply from her that it is Cindy's hen's night and can't make it. Remembered that I was invited too and asked her what time is the party and got a call from Gigi telling me that they are already making a move. I was like 'Oh NO!'. I was still in my ratty house clothes. They offered to pick me up and I ran to wash my hair and bathe and got ready in a record time of fifteen minutes. (with glam makeup and all). Got there just in time and there was a warm welcome from people I do not really know. (after all, I knew Cindy through Gem and Gigi, they're colleagues) Had food and drinks(uniquely named 'Is the stripper here yet?' lol), and some cam ho moments, well, it was not exactly fun but then I was flattered of the fact that Cindy invited me even though I've only knew her for a short period of time. Left after a while because we (well, nearly all of us) wanted coffee.

Nini and her new boo, Be, joined us for coffee and we left after I had my fix of coffee and chocolate. (blissblissbliss) Ham and Kat were tired from staying out will 6 am after watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose the night before. That's what happens when you're a scaredy cat!!! On the way back, Jay called for a drink *weeeeee!!!!!* and I happily obliged, even though I had to go back and drive out again.

What a wonderful life...

Just got home not too long ago and I feel wide awake. Am supposed to meet up with Ndrew at Starfucks at Uptown at 1 tomorrow. Yawn.. Also supposed to get my aircond fixed + brake lights fixed. Not done yet!! T-T lazyness kills!

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