Saturday, October 22, 2005

I should be so lucky

Listening to: My aunty snoring
Feeling: Fucking High

Just got back from G and Gems' colleague's house party. Still reeling from the high-ness of that party. Had loads of fun and laughter with good food, good wine and good company. Feel honored that Mike (the host) would actually invite me to this party even thought I've only met him once.

That thought actually inspired me to write this post actually. I am so blessed with people who love me in this life. People who I've only met once wants to meet me again. Don't mean to sound snotty when I say this but I think I have wonderful luck with people.

Nic once told me that I have so many friends and that I'm really lucky. I know I am lucky. Super lucky to have friend who had been through ups and downs. The highs and the lows. Everything. To those who I had good times with, thank you. You know who you are...

But to those who I had gone through crying sessions with, had been angry at and made up after that, whom I had pooled money with to eat or to buy ciggies and to those whom I had the craziest times together... I love you all so much I do not know how to express it.. You know who are you... xoxox

My god, I'm so in the love love mood now.. Ekk

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