Friday, October 14, 2005

Men We Love

Listening to: Sandy Lam - Zhi Shao Hai You Ni
Feeling: Excited

Just a quick one before I sleep. Got back from Nuyou's 2005 Men We Love party at The Loft and it was spectacular. Had loads of fun by ourselves. Heheh.. It's one of those parties where you just go there for drinks and that's it, you don't care about anything else.

So drink, drink, drink. Everyone was merry. After they announced the winner for the event, we dashed for food. I was so fecking hungry because food was only reserved for VIPS. (gawd damnit, they could have just spared us some old soggy sandwiches) Was raining but we managed to get to one of those high class mamaks that charged me RM4.50 for nasi pattaya which totally tasted like crap. But still, food is still food. Oh well... telan only la!!!

Next we went next door to Tokyo Te. Had some really nice maki rolls there. Remind me to go there again when I have the cash. It's bout RM13 per dish. Pretty reasonable if you're a small eater. I would need to have about 2 plates before I feel satisfied. We had the place with the best view though.. It was abit embarrassing, but I just HAD to take some pictures... Check out the view of KLCC~

Image hosted by
Clear view of KLCC, fresh and clean after the earlier heavy downpour

Anywayz, pictures from G's birthday extravaganza is up, thanks Kst. Here's the link .

And oh, do try spotting the lovebirds, those who can find all 3 pairs wins nothing!!! *giggles*

Edit: Whoopz, did I say 3 pairs of lovebirds? My bad *giggles* I meant 2. *giggles*

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Susindar said...

WOW great blog......
U look to be a fun lovin gal...
I've book-marked ur blogspot, i'll surfin ur blogs regularly.