Sunday, October 09, 2005

New! Yeah!

Postdated entry

Listening to: Norah Jones - Those sweet words
Feeling: Bored as hell

It was exactly a week ago when I decided a change was in order. So I tagged along with G to her Uncle's for a haircut, whatever. I just want to look different. The initial plan was just to get a trim...

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This is me with old hair

Throughout the drive there, I mulled over the option of getting a perm. I had thought of getting a perm before I chopped off my hair and now, this is my chance. I felt adventurous and pissed off at the world at that time. Perm it was. Here's the result...

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Curly as hell. But I like it loads!

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I thinks *giggles* I kinda look like a doll with this hair

It was such a big change and everyone was like super shocked. Usual reactions are OMGs, OMFGs, you know, things along that line..

I wanted to take a picture of everybody's reaction and post it here. More of that later!


* Dream Weaver * said...

*Dream Weaver* says GAH!!!
The Possum says "AIYAH MA!"

Pinkity said...

OKOK~ Don't freak out now. It's not as bad.. Hahahaha... Show you when we meet up ok? :p